A better way to design

The homebuilding market feels more and more crowded and you're struggling to keep up.

It feels like the only way you can get attention is to play the price game, but you can only play that game so long.

You know if you could just define your unique value proposition, people would see why they should buy from you over the competition, but you're struggling to tell the story.

Learn how incorporating design for everybody through Livable Design can create a compelling competitive advantage, one that helps you do well and do good.

70% of all single-family detached homes are built for less than 35% of buyers

35% of new home buyers are traditional families, but 70% of all single-family detached homes are designed for this target market. So who is designing and building for the other 65%?

Livable Design is one way to address this underserved market. It's a simple program with huge impact. Livable Design incorporates five key structural elements that create a baseline of freedom within the home.

Layered on top of these core elements are Builder's Choice options that work together to create the ideal Livable Design environment. As the builder, you get to choose whether to offer a bronze, silver, or gold spec level.

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The future of home design is inclusive

"I would want to live in a hospital"

-Said no one ever

Livable Design Homes

  • Are designed for all people, regardless of age or ability.

  • Do not sacrifice beauty for accessibility.

  • Are seamless. The Livable Design features are invisible. They just feel better.

  • Protect the identities of people who could become targets through adaptive add-ons (like ramps).

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